Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds* & PJ Harvey: Henry Lee 7″
PJ Harvey: A Perfect Day Elise 7″
PJ Harvey: This Is Love 7″
PJ Harvey: The Letter 7″
PJ Harvey: Shame 7″
PJ Harvey: You Come Through 7″
PJ Harvey: The Piano 7″
PJ Harvey: The Devil 7″
PJ Harvey & John Parish: Black Hearted Love 7″
PJ Harvey: The Words That Maketh Murder 7″
PJ Harvey: The Glorious Land 7″
Mark Lanegan Band: Hit The City 7″ (this is here because of Polly Jeans is singing in the title song)

Been buying Pollys 7″ inches and 7″ inches where she has been singing. Can’t say that I collect these, just been buying when I see them.

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