Yeshh! Love this band and their records. Instrumental doomsludgepostsomething, pure love. This record certainly has its place in my record rack. First this was released by E-Vinyl / Yskalnari Vinyl limited to 500 copies on black vinyl, 150 tour edition and repressed 300 copies. Denovali released this awesome album again and it is limited to 150 copies on silver with black haze, 350 on brown with black splatter. Then this was repressed once again (by Denovali) and limited to 150 copies on ultraclear vinyl with black and silver splatter and 350 copies on ultraclear vinyl. Huh! Awesome album! Totally sold out from Denovali, sorry. I found that this is available from White Dwarf (only problem is that in their website limitation is stated to 500 copies on black vinyl released by Denovali and that cannot be true..) There’s copies (ultraclear) available from Halo Of Flies though..

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