There must be something totally wrong about the way they pack vinyl albums in UK. I got two shipments today and I am quite horrified about the condition of albums, just wanted to attach few pictures I took. Covers ruined and the other album was “nicely” twisted.. yes yes..

ruined shipment pic01

ruined shipment pic02

ruined shipment pic03

ruined shipment pic04

ruined shipment pic05

I do not really know what these people are thinking.. sending records out packed like that and even bother pack those on proper LP mailers..

5 thoughts on “Nicely packed shipments that came today..

  1. That unfortunately happens all the time to me as well. Even with Boomkat or other mailorders. I guess they try to save on shipping costs, but I’d rather pay more knowing my record(s) will arrive in one piece than… this.

    1. Well, everything that I have ordered from Boomkat has been in good shape, no bad words towards Boomkat from me. These two shipments were packed in thin, envelope like, mailers and surprise when you ship this kind of packages abroad, result is this.. quite frustrating

  2. I guess everyone who orders vinyl online comes across those things once in a while… I received a parcel this week, perfectly packed, but due to rough handling in the mail, the vinyl suffered a lot too…

  3. I have been very fortunate with most of the records I’ve received. The one that’s been bad is the last I would want damaged – ‘Gin’ by Cobalt. Finally get my hands on one and the top left side has been crushed.

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