Yep, yep.. got a shipment today.. packed this way. You just can imagine this one travelling over the ocean to Europe from States.. no stiffeners etc.. And I do not even bother uploading pictures of the record I found inside :) Sometimes it goes like this. No, no, no..

2 thoughts on “Would You like to receive Your purchase packed like this?

  1. You posted some pictures some time ago of a badly packaged item but this is just unbelievable. Please let me know who sent you these horribly packaged items so I can avoid these retailers. Hope they fully refund and replace your order. Love your blog, Peter

  2. Well, this was not shipped by any retailer, ordered this straight from the artist. During couple of years I’ve been ordering LP records from all over and few of those shipments have been like this one. It’s quite sad. Oh, and it’s nice to read that you like this tiny blog of mine, Thanks!

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