Today I got a record that I purchased from Discogs. Usually I do not buy used records, definitely without seeing those items with my own eyes, but sometimes I make exceptions (with records I have been looking for a long long time) hoping that item is as described.

Question is: Does this look Near Mint (NM or M-) to You?

seam split

Bottom seam looking like this (over the entire length, and the top seam looking nearly the same).


And of course we have at least one ding.. and then the record itself ->


Do not mind the dust but what is that white stuff on the vinyl…


And little more dust and visible scratches.. And the conclusion is: it seems that some people are little lost about proper grading when it comes to vinyl records. This would have helped a little:

Money well spent.

One thought on “Near Mint (NM or M-) both, vinyl & sleeve… no no no

  1. Ha ha thats a joke… some people will say anything to get a sale.
    You win some you lose some ,I think we know what category this lp lies in.
    Love your blog,
    regards Douglas

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