And here is another post about packing vinyl records more secure way.

With this case we need: packing tape, double-sided tape, carton stiffeners, some kind of knife (pink scissors can do), bubble wrap and two large pieces of carton. Oh and of course we need a plan!



1) We have to plan the body of this mailer. And here are plans how to cut and fold those carton pieces:

The plan of smaller piece, let’s call it hmm.. a small piece :)


and then we have to make a plan for a… big piece


This may look little confusing but it will get clearer and clearer when we reach the end of this post.. I hope. But anyways, here are these carton models nicely cut and folded :)

small piece


big piece



2) Then we take this nice self titled album by Vixen and wrap it all over with bubble wrap.



3) Place carton stiffeners on both sides of bubble wrapped album.


and use tape to get the whole thing together



4) Next part is to combine this nicely wrapped and secured “thing” with the small piece (that smaller carton piece). Just like shown in the picture.


Place double-sided tape like shown in the picture below


And now just fold and attach the small piece to your nicely wrapped vinyl..


And now we have much nicer package.. but this is not done yet.


5) Next part is to attach this nice little package to that bigger piece of carton we have cut and folded. Place double-sided tape as shown in the picture


Then turn the whole thing around and attach it center of that bigger piece of carton (big piece).


Then place more double-sided tape..


fold and attach..


And what we got here. We have created bumper zones to our package! You may ask what are these for? Well, these are created just to secure the corners of the vinyl album. As we all know, during shipping these precious items (vinyl records) without exception will be handled very roughly.



6) Finally, use packaging tape and tape the whole thing together, for safety’s sake. Package might not be beauty but it surely will secure your vinyl better than some so-called “professional” mailers.



Oh, then you can attach some nice “Thank You!” card inside the whole thing. Makes the shipment more personal :)



And once again, this just one way to wrap your shipment together, little more secured. Feel free to comment.



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