the parlour trick

This beauty came today. Found this one when I was on “treasure Hunt” surfing around BandCamp. Dark and beautiful record this is, modern classical, something beyond everlasting sadness and dreams filled with untouchable sorrow.  I have no glue about limitation of this record and seems that this is sold out from their BandCamp page now. Highly recommended.

4 thoughts on “The Parlour Trick: A Blessed Unrest LP (red)

  1. Thanks for the introduction to this record. I was able to get my hands on the ultra limited autographed boxed vinyl edition. I always discover great music from your blog!

      1. I was actually lucky enough to find a kickstarter backer through Facebook. He’d pledged enough for the limited boxed vinyl edition but changed his mind and was nice enough to sell it to me for the same price he paid. I would just have to pay extra for him to ship it.

        Anyways, I love your blog and keep up the great work. Your blog is so informative and I’ve found so much fantastic music because of it. Many thanks!

      2. Ok. And thank you for the nice words about this blog of mine. It’s nice to hear that this has helped you to find some new music.

        It would be nice to have this kind of feedback (or feedback at all, because some times I doubt that does any one even read this blog) more often :)


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