Picked these form Post office earlier today. And once again I could see with my bare eyes that there is going to be records with damaged corners. I was not wrong (once again).

From this day on when I’m going to purchase any record I’ll do this:

 Contact the sellers and suggest that I’m ready to pay more if they can promise me that they do everything that the record will arrive secured. Ask them to add carton stiffeners, bubble wrap etc. And  I’m ready to pay extra if they decide to use those mailers with bumper zones (I know that those are expensive but I’m ready to pay that too). I’ll do all this even though it’s not my fault if record is packaged incompletely and arrive damaged.

Package 1.


On the top of the pile we can see this big carton letter (these are usually used by British..). So let’s take a closer look of this one. First few pictures of the mailer (or can we even call it a mailer..)





And as we can see, all corners has taken some damage during shipping.. And next we can see few pictures of the cover itself.



Bends. In the other picture it is not as visible as the bend on first picture. These “mailers” are the worst anyone can use (I have seen Rocket Recordings using these and it’s interesting to see how damaged my upcoming Goat’s live album will be).  Not happy with this one.


Package 2.

This came from The States. Holding this in my hands reveals that what ever this package is holding, it’s moving freely around the package.. So I expect that this item is not wrapped in bubble wrap etc.


Let’s see some pictures of the mailer’s corners..



Yep, doesn’t look very promising. The thing is that I paid quite lot of this (deluxe) item and it is already sold out. Let’s take a look what we got inside.



Three of four corners ruined. And that is not all, a seam split..


There was not any kind of carton stiffeners nor bubble wrap or anything to secure the album. JUST AN ALBUM IN THE BOX.. I’m seeing RED right now!!


Package 3.

I’m so damn angry at this moment. But lets see the package number 3. and what it is holding in.


From outside the package looks pretty fine. There is just one problem. The item inside the mailer is moving so I expect that there are no carton stiffeners etc.


I was right with this one too. No carton stiffeners or bubble wrap of any kind. Amazingly just ONE corner of the cover has bump.. but sad to say, this is not enough.


Package 4.

Let’s see the package number four, and in this point I have lost my hope with these totally.


Quick look and it does not seem that bad but let’s take closer look..




Three of four possible corners does not look fine to me anymore. Opened the package and no carton stiffeners but there was little piece of bubble wrap around the record.. and it is just amazing that only one corner has taken minimal damage, with this little bump I can live.



Uuuuhhh.. This is what it seems to be nowadays. It seems that artists and companies, who are selling and shipping records to fans and customers, do not have respect towards their customers. Or is this just lack of common sense when it comes to shipping items around the world.

At least three out of these four companies/artists will have email from some angry customer within few days. I do not have to accept this.

And once again, feel free to comment if you like

Sincerely, MugWumb.

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3 thoughts on “Another pile of records.. and damaged covers

  1. Really sad to see this.
    I hope you will shame the guilty parties by naming them on your blog.
    It really is a nervous time when you are expecting vinyl deliveries.
    You should also praise the exceptional companies.
    I have found that Rise Above Records, Nuclear Blast and Burning Shed take care in their packing.
    Fingers crossed some of your feedback may make a difference.
    Best wishes, Douglas

  2. The point is that I do not want to name any of these companies/artists. Just want to name those who provide proper packaging. I have received feedback that using more secured mailers is expensive.. Well, the best solution is to raise shipping costs little just to cover costs of more secured mailers.

    I have mentioned that Important Records, Relapse and Experimedia uses those mailers with “bumper zones” but there are many more companies also who are packing records secured, for example: Boomkat, Denovali, Norman Records, Season of Mist, Profound Lore, Southern Lord Recordings, Pesanta Urfolk etc. Maybe someday I’m going to list all those companies I trust in these packaging issues :)

  3. That’s just awful. I pretty much gave up mailorder. As much as I’d love to have the really limited rare releases and obscurities I just got fed up with the damaged covers. Nowadays I order through a local record shop whatever they can get for me at a reasonable price. If it’s damaged they keep it or re-order no hassle. Recently I made an exception with Mainliner Mellow Out reissue because the shop couldn’t get it and it arrived damaged. It was the last straw. A list of trusty companies would be great.

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