21.01.2014 This issue is now solved, replacement copy came today, in perfect condition, read about it here.

Hmm.. this one came today, awesome looking record (even though I did not managed to get that orange version of this one). This could have been perfect package but… This came shrink wrapped and the result you can see below..


This is the curse of “shrink-wrap”. It’s obvious that this happens when 180g vinyls move inside the cover during shipping. Well, it was my bad that I did not ask to remove shrink and send the album records taken out of the cover.. lesson learned (once again). Anyways, nice record (even though it’s worthless at the collector’s point of view.) And this seems to be very common issue with these records (you can find similar item on sale at Discogs.. seam splitted). And about limitation, I have no idea but you can purchase yours from Mondo (and cross your fingers that it wont arrive like mine did).

One thought on “John Carpenter: Halloween 2xLP (black) with seam splits

  1. I received my copy last week. Orange vinyls ! Beautiful edition, a bit expensive for european customers (shippement).
    I’ve got the same small scratch on the edge of the cover.
    Also available from John Carpenter : the Death Waltz Recording’s edition of ‘Assault on Preccint 13’, heavyweight gatefold and bloody red & Vanilla swirl vinyl.

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