Got this today, and now I have to say that I’m not happy at all. Some time ago I wrote here on my blog about the other version (version A) of this soundtrack and how disappointed I was when it came seam splitted.. With this version I sent email that could they remove shrink-wrap etc.. and send records taken out of the cover blah blah blah.. And this is what I got (version B).


Shrink wrapped album, once again and nice seam splits…


I’m kind of pissed of because these albums were not cheap to order here over the ocean.. Oh and just to remind, here is a pictures of version A I got earlier..


3 thoughts on “John Carpenter: Halloween 2xLP (translucent orange with black splatter) and once again.. with NICE seam splits!

  1. In my opinion, this is just intolerable when you are a vinyl lover and cherish your collection to get such a cover damaged that way. It means as well that the guy who packaged or wrapped it just did not f** care to what he was doing or he probably wouldn’t have acted that way if it was to his own collection. It is shameful if moreover, you have a little experience of how international posts handle packages : You just think of it all before to sending, right ?

  2. After receiving that damaged version A, I wrote email and asked this:

    “…I ordered also that B version (orange with black splatter) and now I’m asking is it possible to send that item without shrinkwrap and records taken out of the cover just to avoid this seam split issue happening again?”

    And above we all can see how it worked out..

  3. All we can hope is that you’ll have satisfaction with those slobs in the end. This is a minimun when we know the price of such a format like vinyl ! You run a nice blog that said.

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