02/14/14 UPDATE: Issue with this shipment is now solved with the record company and I’m waiting for the replacement one (and for your information, band had nothing to do with this task).


When you got a package like this, thin and mangled, you quite well know what to expect.. (surprisingly from UK). Let’s take a closer look on the package..




Here we can see that the package has few bends on the corners. And when keeping this on my hands I can say that there obviously ain’t any stiffeners etc. to secure the record..


yep, none. No carton stiffeners nor bubble wrap, just a record in the.. box.


nice bend. Let’s take a closer look..



This did not come the way I politely asked, shrink-wrap removed, record shipped outside the cover etc. Lack of using carton stiffeners caused these bends on the corners and I’m quite sure that the vinyl itself is twisted. Only positive thing is that this came without seam splits even though it is sealed. One carton stiffener (even one!) could have prevent these bends to form.. Yes, I do not even bother to open this one. Poor and lousy packaging, no respect towards end-user,  I may say.


2 thoughts on “Here we go again… (updated 02/14/14)

  1. We both already talked about it in the past indeed ! They said they are professional while they don’t know how to pack a simple vinyl – I have an issue like that lately with a record of “Bohren and der club of gore” (Piano nights) : great record that said – http://imgur.com/Wqp9dxz ! That’s the thing that pisses you when you get the parcel, right ?

    1. That’s quite common damage. Usually when records are shipped shrink-wrapped this happens (I know, I use to receive lot of records shrink-wrapped and with seam splits). Nowadays I ask sender to open/remove that shrink and send cover and record separated (record taken out of the cover), just to avoid these damn seam splts.

      And yes, now and then I still receive records looking just like that one in your picture. Frustrating.

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