And after sludge time comes time for ambient/drone sound waves. If I’m not totally wrong, this is the first Eluvium release on vinyl (I know that there is this split one with Jesu but I do not count that in), so thanks to Temporary Residence for releasing this awesome looking package. Composed for an art exhibit by Charles Long, two songs and nearly 40 minutes of glory. Hope that some one somewhere will release that “Nightmare Ending” album on vinyl too.. And this one, limited to 300 hand-numbered and signed (by Charles Long) copies, sold out quite fast and if you are ready to pay, you surely could find a copy.. I have to admit that when purchasing this I had second thoughts, damn I’m glad that I came to my senses..

No music clips available but if you are not familiar with this artist check this from previous album, Nightmare Ending.

2 thoughts on “Eluvium: Catalin LP (opaque cream)

    1. Oh! Well, there is 3 reasons why I do not have this :)
      1. That year when this set was released I was just starting my vinyl hoarding again (after too many years playing with CDs).
      2. I rather buy my records new after having few problems with used albums, but sometimes I make exceptions.
      3. I did not even knew about this set, now I know and and that means only one thing.. hunting :D damn..

      And be reasonable.. I just can’t afford to buy everything, I have missed about 99 percent of those records I would like to have :D

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