shroud eater

It’s sludge time! After listening whole lot of piano music lately this brings little change to my over relaxed state of mind. It has been a while since I have listened good old sludge/stoner and this record woke me up from my slumber. And as I have said many times before, I can smoothly jump from modern classical to raw metal and other way around, no big deal to me. I like this one, that’s why I purchased it. This is limited to 300 copies (100 x   red, 100 x gold and 100 x mixed color) on vinyl. You can purchase this from Divine Mother Recordings or from Red Moth Records, and yes, recommended!

Oh, who wouldn’t like extras gifts? I got this seven-inch split from Repellers/Dead Hand hidden in the mailer. And I appreciate this, a lot. This one is also available from the same source as that  beauty mentioned above..

dead hand

2 thoughts on “Shroud Eater: Dead Ends 12″ (transparent red)

  1. I’m glad the records got to you safely. I appreciate your support and your vinyl collection is seriously one of the most awesome collections I have ever seen.



  2. 100 units are with Divine Mother
    100 units are with Red Moth Records
    & the remaining 100 are with Shroud Eater on their up coming tour! These records are moving 3 left Red Moth LLC just this morning! Get em while you can!!!!

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