robert scott

Yes I actually purchased this, without listening. Hey, I clearly remember those times when visiting a record store and buying a record based on the cover image of the album. For example back in the days I bought “Swallowed In Black” by Sadus without hearing a single note from the record, it was common those days. So I did the same thing with this one. I do not know who Robert Scott is, with whom he has played etc. But now when I’m listening this (mostly instrumental) album, I’m glad that I did took a risk. Is this indie rock, alternative rock seasoned with some strange harmonies? I do not know. This is just the reason why I keep exploring, looking for new records I have never heard of.

I ordered this from Unwucht Musik (after reading a post about this record on SlyVinyl, Thanks to Ralph). This double album is limited to 250 copies and available from Unwucht Musik (if it’s not already sold out by now). And special thanks goes to Peter, for shipping this fast and secured!


p.s. and I also did purchase one of those “Mystery Records” from Blood Music :D 


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