UPDATE 02/17/14: sold out from Prosthetic, and no replacement copy for me (got refunded few moments ago). Well, now I have broken record and have to find new one somewhere to replace it.. yep

Oh my god! This is awesome album! Crushing, heavy and it’s unbelievable that two guys can produce wall of sound like this. This is instrumental album, so some may say that this must be post-rock or something but here is so much more than that. You better listen this for yourself. I myself have been listening this on BandCamp with heavy rotation and can’t get enough.This wonderful debut is limited to 250 copies on black vinyl and is available from Prosthetic Records. I had some packing issue with this copy on the picture, but those are solved now (just waiting for the replacement one and would like to thank record company for taking care of this task). Until then, I’m going to crash BandCamp with listening this piece of jewelry endlessly! Damn, this is good!

And band itself had nothing to do with this packing issue.

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