Shrink-wrap, the “Magical” wrapping material that allows you to grade your albums as MINT, without exception.

I do not think so. I give you few examples why.

This album I bought few years ago from Discogs. Both cover and the record were graded as Mint just because the album was still sealed in shrink-wrap. Well, does this cover look like Mint?



I don’t think so. Record itself was in excellent condition but the cover..

Then I have another example how this magical component, shrink-wrap,
makes even folds to disappear. this album was not sealed, shrink-wrap was opened
from one side (but hey, wrap was still on), and the cover was graded as Mint.



hmm.. this does not seem mint to me either.

Conclusion is that when the record has shrink-wrap on (even opened one), you can grade it as MINT! Bollocks!

One thought on “Shrink-wrapped -> Obviously in MINT condition.. yep

  1. 100% agreeing with that ! Always ask questions especially when it is graded “mint” or “near mint” (seam splits, covers’ creased or not etc) before ordering with Discogs or ebay…. and to avoid very bad surprises !

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