And this one came today. Sculpture and their latest picture disc. There has been a hype around this one since it was released.. because it’s zoetropic picture disc.. Funny thing is that this band has released these zoetropic discs along the way. Let’s not forget that this disc actually contain some awesome music on it, abstract and experimental. Yes, I bought this one, not because of zoetropic feature, but because of music on it. Let’s not forget what matters. My mp3 player does not have zoetropic feature on it.

One thought on “Sculpture: Plastic Infinite 7″ (picture disc)

  1. I was kind of incredibly bummed when I missed this FOR THE SECOND TIME! I asked to get on their mail list for when it was repressed, but never got a notice. By the time I got around to looking at the bandcamp page or their facebook, it was gone (by like an hour). Oh, the waterworks flowed. Thanks for rubbing it in. ;-)

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