I was just thinking that this is going to be very quiet week considering arriving LP’s. But then this beautiful package arrived. Nadja and their latest album Queller with awesome looking packaging, die cut sleeve would be itself the reason to purchase this one (just kidding but look at that!). This duo must be the most productive one when talking about drone/experimental music, no doubt about that. What can I say, quality package. This is limited to 133 copies on white and 220 copies on black vinyl. There was even a possibility to choose from blue or purple packaging, nice. I ordered this from Essence Music (Brasil) and they have already sold out white copies, seems that Drone Records (Germany) also have only black copies left. Get yours while You can. Awesome first release from Essence Music! Recommended!

p.s. Even though I ordered my copy from Essence, it was sent to me from Drone Records (just because of logistic reasons) and I want to thank them for fast and secured delivery :)

One thought on “Nadja: Queller LP (white)

  1. Very tempted to get the black vinyl of this. The music is great. Kind of unique actually (or maybe I live under a musical rock and this is a whole genre). Of course the packaging is amazing. Still, overseas shipping is the killer on this. A $26 records quickly becomes a $40 one. Oh, the trials and tribulations of the first world record collector.

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