This week has been a total fiasco for me as a record collector/hoarder.

First of all, I got only one of those numerous orders I have been waiting for a while now. Then are these pre-order ones that I had no luck at all..

Barren Harvest – Subtle Cruelties LP (special edition with leaves, limited to 100 copies). Well, I waited this like the rising moon. Two days ago it was announced that this will be available to pre-order very soon. I waited, and waited until sleep took over me (here in Europe clock was around 03.00 am Saturday morning), record came up to pre-order about 45 minutes after that. Maybe some European mates managed to purchase this one. My bad. But there are two other editions available from Thrill Jockey, go for those. Recommended release!

Monolord – Empress Rising 2xLP (test pressings, deluxe editions etc.). I was “dump” enough to pre-order this few weeks ago and ignore the fact that there will certainly be some kind of deluxe edition etc. Well, now I have purple edition (limited to 125 copies) of this record coming.. When there is/was possibility to get one of these more limited versions: Test Pressing (limited to 35 copies), Die Hard (limited to 50 copies), Opaque Pink (All That Is Heavy exclusive limited to 75 copies) and for us here in Europe, Clear Red (HeviSike exclusive limited to 75 copies). But hey! As I’m writing this there is Test Pressings & Die Hard editions still available on EasyRider Records, go for those if you have money to spent (I don’t have..) Recommended release, great band & awesome record label!!

UPDATE, Yes!! managed to get my hands on that Test Pressing so it was not that bad week after all..

Most of all, support artists & record labels (Keep Vinyl Alive!) Maybe I have better luck next time :)

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