Like last week, this week has been awful for me as a record collector. Today I got a package from Pesanta Urfolk and it saved my day (week!). Including this awesome looking split release by Hell & Amarok and latest full length from Hell (one I already have but this copy is going to friend of mine). Both bands have done beautiful job on this vinyl, blackened doom and surprisingly I’m in love! Anyways, beautiful job from Pesanta Urfolk for releasing this one (and so many other astonishing albums). There’s no doubt about quality of this package when talking about music, packaging and the vinyl itself. This is limited to 150 copies on milky clear/oxblood haze (Hell colored), 150 copies on clear/aqua blue haze (Amarok colored) and 200 copies on black vinyl. Amarok colored is still available from Pesanta Urfolk and black copies are available from LowerYourHead. Recommended release!

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