Old Man's Will

This test press of Old Man’s Will album came from Easy Rider Records today. And I have to say that I’m very pleased with this one. Packaged ultra secured, record taken out of the cover etc. This is the second LP I have received from this label and it’s nice to see that they put some effort on packaging. And about the album itself, good old-time hard rock.. from Sweden (seems that all good hard rock bands nowadays comes from Sweden, like those “Action Rock” bands years ago). Yep, not bad album at all.

My version is one of those 30 test pressing with alternative cover (now sold out). Easy Rider Records still has Die hard copies on clear vinyl (limited to 50 copies), white/black swirl (limited to 100 copies) and grey/black swirl (limited to 100 copies). And yes, there are some other versions available too if you are interested; Tee Pee Records has 100 copies on Baby Blue vinyl, All That Is Heavy has 75 copies on translucent orange vinyl.. then there are 200 copies on green vinyl available somewhere.. Anyways, plenty of copies floating around and we must not forget that there are also those vinyl versions from Transubstans Records..

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