This post is not about the band or their music, this is a post about damaged covers in general. This one is just for an example.


I got this one few days ago (you can read about that from my previous post).  Anyways, the point is that when I pay for the record & shipping I assume to get mint condition record (in whole) in secured package. And as you can see, it came with two damaged corners. Did I pay for those bumps on the corners? I thought that I was purchasing new and pristine copy of this album.


Oh, now we draw this “blame it on the post services” card. Lame, post service got nothing to do with these issues if the record has poor package around it. Yes, I know that more secured mailers/more time taking packaging (more stiffeners, bubble-wrap, secured corners etc.) is expensive and if that is the issue, then I gladly pay little more for secured shipping.

Some may say that I’m whining about little things. For some these are meaningless issues but for me as a music consumer & collector it feels bad to receive damaged items. How about if you buy a new television, would you like to place it on your living room with two smashed corners, would you be sitting on your couch smiling? For me these records are little treasures, my precious things.


And what can I do about this? I emailed to the seller, included some pictures, reminded them that I asked to sent the record taken out of the cover (what was done) and asked them kindly to secure the corners of the cover.. (wasn’t done). And did I get answered, no, silence & nothing. I should have bought this from that familiar and customer friendly store, but I took a risk and bought this from different store (with little cheaper prize) and it turned out this way.

The band is great, their music is great but the joy and excitement of purchasing and owning new record is gone.

p.s. I will start (again) a new picture section on my blog about damaged corners (bumps, creases, bends etc.) and especially about seam splitted covers (with tiny, nearly visible damages I can live with). Of course I wont post pictures if it’s obvious that damage is caused by something else than insufficient packaging.

I wont be revealing company/store names but if some one is interested, just contact me. And for clearance, I certainly try to contact the seller but if I do not hear anything from them within 2-3 days, pictures will be revealed.

This is my way to tell what I think. It certainly isn’t my fault if records arrive damaged. And if some one want to put me on their black list because of this, they have a right to do so. I have rights as a customer/consumer too.

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