Well, something good for this day. This album by Piotr Kurek arrived today and now I’m smiling, finally. Experimental electronics with organs and synths. I really think that this record should have place on every music lovers record shelf. Too underrated album indeed. This is limited to 150 copies on red vinyl and available from various sources, Norman Records (I do not know are these copies on red or black vinyl), second press (100 copies on black vinyl) available from Black Sweat Records, hvv.de, Tomentosa Records etc. Recommended!

I bought my copy from the Discogs seller, here’s a pictures of the mailer it came in. Amazingly record & cover were in perfect condition considering how it was packaged :)

edena mailer

Mailer itself looked like this and it was twisted/bent.

piotr kurek02

Corners of the mailer looked like this..

piotr kurek03

And when I opened the mailer, this was what I found. No carton stiffeners nor bubble-wrap etc. Amazingly the cover & vinyl were undamaged. Record and cover were separated so no seam splits and I let out a sigh of relief.

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