About half an hour ago there was this UPS courier ringing my doorbell. He gave me this pizza box and I thought that this must have something to do with this April Fool’s Day thing. I was wrong. Inside the pizza box I found this very avantgarde, abstract noise record by Cagna Schiumante from Italy (maybe that explains this packaging). Well, very strange record indeed and this one will take some time to chew. Anyways, confusing album and limited to 300 hand-numbered copies (first 100 copies came on colored vinyl, now sold out). Regular black copies still available from Tannen Records, it’s your choice :)

Yes, this was packaged in pizza box. One side of the box was open when it arrived and there was no (carton) stiffeners nor bubble wrap, just a record inside. Album was shrink-wrapped even though I asked to send record outside the cover.. Well, in this case record came in perfect shape, no bumps, seam splits, creases etc. And amazing thing is that this record was shipped yesterday from Italy and now I have this on my hands :)

cagna cagna02

2 thoughts on “Cagna Schiumante: s/t LP (baby blue or something)

  1. I sometimes think labels/bands read your blog and intentionally send records poorly packed to mess with you.

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