wild throne

This twelve-inch came today from Brutal Panda Records. Once again this record is one of those I suddenly found while looking for treasures from BandCamp. And what a treasure this certainly is. Progressive metal/heavy and very, very energetic and now I’m just waiting for their full length if there is one coming. I really like this one, little different from what I usually listen but that’s just positive thing! And I really dig the cover art, awesome. This is limited to 100 transparent red and 400 black copies. Surprisingly red one is sold out but you can grab black one from Brutal Panda Records. Recommended!!

Damn I like this more and more now..!


One thought on “Wild Throne: Blood Maker 12″ (red)

  1. Got mine in boring old black a couple days ago. Music is incredibly, astoundingly good. Love the cover art too.

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