Nice start for this week. Got this package from the States today. From following pictures you can see how it was packaged.. not good at all.


Record was packed in envelope like this. By holding this on my hands I already knew that this one is not going to be in condition I though it was when I purchased this one.


Yep, there was bubble-wrap, but no carton stiffeners etc. Not that bad-looking one but when looking little closer we can see the problem..






Hmm.. there you are, nice collection of creases and some bends all over the cover but that’s not all. Best part is that the vinyl itself is twisted and there’s no way I’m going to place this record on my turntable, ever. Look at yourself.


Record placed on the table and surely every one can see what I mean when I say that there’s something wrong about this vinyl. Oh, and I ordered clear vinyl and got black one.. maybe they should check what they are selling on BandCamp..

Isn’t it amazing..


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