And today it’s time for this powerful and doomed record that was delivered to my hands few hours ago, Monolord and their debut album “Empress Rising”. And what a crushing record this is, doomed-heavy-fuzz-space rock.. something and it’s quite hard to believe that this is their debut full-length. Ha, it’s amazing how many of my favorite bands comes from Sweden, just like this band does. But anyways, absolutely recommended release and thanks to EasyRider Records for releasing this beauty! This copy is for sale as “opaque purple” colored but somehow my copy is more like one record purple marbled and the other one grey marbled.. odd. Below you can find stores to look for this hard-hitting album!

EasyRider Records, White (limited to 100 copies SOLD OUT)
EasyRider Records, Opaque Purple (limited to 125 copies SOLD OUT)
EasyRider Records, Test Pressing (limited to 35 copies SOLD OUT)
EasyRider Records, Die Hard, Clear (limited to 50 copies)
EasyRider Records, Black (limited to 200 copies)

All That Is Heavy exclusive, Opaque Pink (limited to 75 copies SOLD OUT?)
Clearspot International exclusive, Clear Green (limited to 100 copies SOLD OUT?)
HeviSike UK exclusive, Clear Red (limited to 75 copies)

Then there is Opaque Mossy Green version limited to 200 copies and exclusive via Cobraside distribution.. And certainly the band itself have some copies to sell.. I think that everyone who really wants this album will eventually find a copy.

One thought on “Monolord: Empress Rising 2xLP (opaque purple?!)

  1. I ordered black from Easyrider from their website, cuz it looked like that was all that was available.
    Just got it in today ( I’m in Canada, eh? ) and it’s translucent Green! Super Bonus? Yay!
    Can’t wait to slap this baby onto the turn table!

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