And another one that has something to do with Horseback. Split LP by Jenks Miller (Horseback) and James Toth (Wooden Wand). This was RSD14 release and it’s limited to 864 copies on black vinyl. Well, difference is that (if I remember right) this test press is limited to 25 copies and only 10 copies was available from Horseback’s store. I do not know is there any copies left because their Storenvy site (store) seems to be down at this moment. But let’s talk about this release and forget this nonsense of limitations. I like how Jenks is treating his guitar, somehow this reminds me of ‘Dead Man’ soundtrack by Neil Young (one of my favorite movies). I was not familiar with James Toth but now that mistake is corrected also, sounds so good.. and now I have to take closer listen to his music also. Nice album indeed, more than just nice!

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