Oh, didn’t remember to mention these two CDs that came with ‘Roads To Ruin’ LP yesterday. Few weeks ago I ordered that Horseback test pressing and within two days I received confirmation that my order has been shipped. Few days later I noticed from Twitter that there was limited quantity of Jenks Miller/James Toth test pressings available from the same source, Horseback’s official online store. I ordered one and immediately got mail from Jenks, apologizing those shipping fees I had to pay for these two different orders. He asked if I would like to have a CD copy of ‘Spirit Signal’ (his own solo record) or ‘Piedmont Apocrypha’ free of charge included to this latest order. I chose ‘Spirit Signal’ simply because I do not have it on vinyl (yet).

Yesterday both orders came, at the same time (thanks to our twisted domestic postal services). Anyways, with ‘Roads To Ruin’ came two CDs, ‘Spirit Signal’ and Horseback/Locrian split ‘New Dominions’. The point is that he gave these to records for free. He didn’t have to do that but he did. I really appreciate this gesture, really.

Now I have to buy his solo, Spirit Signal, on vinyl too.. damn.. :D (available from Northern Spy)


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