vinyl diaries

…damn, what a lousy week it has been. Luckily I got this ancient Sansui SR-B200s turntable to play with..


Yep, last 8 days have been very quiet. Only one seven-inch has arrived during this time. There might be some withdrawal symptoms lurking behind the corner, hard times for vinyl junkie like me. Luckily I found the cure to this disease, over 30 years old Sansui SR-B200s turntable I rescued from my mother’s wardrobe last month.

I decided to give this one a little facelift. Actually it looked like the one below (I didn’t realize to take a picture of mine before make-over..)


I had this idea to paint the turntable white, all over (just to fit in our interior decoration). Then I got this ultimate idea to use also black to give some edge. So, I took the turntable apart, bought some masking tape, spray cans and climb up to the attic. Few hours later..


I have to admit that I’m quite pleased how it turned out to be. I tried to be as perfect as possible with this paint job but.. then I spotted few nasty fingerprints on white surface. Solution: covered those with few stickers (I got from Erased Tapes and Hit+Run).


But that’s not all. This turntable has been unused for nearly thirty years so I had to order some new parts; stylus, pads, platter mat and belt. I wanted to keep this turntable like it originally was so I didn’t wanted to buy for example a new cartridge etc.

Turntable is now in the attic (ventilating), waiting for these new parts to arrive. Maybe this old friend of mine will give some spins in near future.

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