Now I have to admit that I don’t know much about prog rock.. at all. But when I heard first tunes from this album, it brought back memories from times I used to listen Änglagård’s amazing album “Hybris” a lot (nearly twenty years ago, and what an awesome album that is!) But let’s focus on this album from Agusa.

I found this via BandCamp, listened the album throughout and it was easy decision to purchase this one. And it’s true that somehow this record reminds me of that Änglagård album, distantly. But damn I like this album, Swedish prog updated to present day! They know how to do this and I’m very glad to own a copy of this beautiful prog/psych album. This is limited to 100 copies on splatter and 400 copies on black vinyl. It seems that splattered ones are gone but you can still purchase black ones for example from their BandCamp page or from Greatest Hits (I got my splattered one from here). Recommended album!


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