adrift for days

It took a while to arrive but today it arrived. There were some delivery problems etc. along the way but most of all, it was my bad I ordered this from Australia (I should have done more research and order a copy little nearer, from Europe). Well, the main thing is that it’s here now and was worth to wait. Epic mixture of stoner/sludge/doom/drone/psychedelic rock. I have been playing this album the whole day since it arrived and every time I turn the side, it grows better and better.. I actually waited this long to listen the whole album trough :)

Damn good album, available from Art As Catharsis (Australia) but they have only 50 copies of black version available. If you live in Europe you should pick your copy from Doognad Records, they still have this splattered and regular black version available. And if I remember right this is limited to 300 copies, 200 copies on black and 100 copies on splattered vinyl. Recommended album!

One thought on “Adrift For Days: Come Midnight … 2xLP (clear w/black splatter)

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