thee oh sees

Got a shipment yesterday from Castle Face Records UK (yes, they are shipping nowadays within Europe too). There was this little treasure which is already sold out from their US store. Surprisingly I had to pick this one and this is still available from UK store, go and grab this while you still can for $15 + shipping (prizes are in dollars). Nice little garage rock twelve-inch.

UPDATE (to the whining part of this post, you can see that below): Just got contacted from the UK store apologizing this mix-up and I really appreciate their effort to correct this. This is Customer Service at it’s best! I bow before You, Castle Face Records UK!

I also ordered a copy of POW! – Hi-Tech Boom LP (silver vinyl) + 7″ Flexi-disc (red). Well, this is what they sent me..


As you can see, this is not what I ordered  :( This is “Wasp Guts” colored (obviously without that flexi-disc) and not what I paid for. I have emailed them about this and still waiting for some kind of answer..

p.s. I asked them to send records and covers separated (just to avoid possible seam splits to form during shipping) and it’s quite amazing they didn’t noticed at that moment they’re sending a wrong item..



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