This album, “Walker” by Nope, came few hours ago packaged nicely and secured (that’s what I like!). Record is spinning on the turntable while I’m writing this and I like these psychedelic/kraut-like-instrumental-space/shoegazing tunes floating in the air. Not bad album at all! I think that I discovered this band via Cardinal Fuzz (some tweet on Twitter..), if I’m not totally wrong/demented. But anyways, this is limited to 200 copies with “blue swirl” and 300 copies on black (?) vinyl. Just noticed that some one is trying to sell this “blue swirl” version on Discogs for €100..  I think that it would be better if you purchase your copy from Audacious Art Experiment with £12 +shipping (maybe you should ask about availability of colored ones before placing an order, if you are after that swirled one). Lovely album!


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