Well, I think it’s time to upgrade this little blog of mine a bit. I decided to start posting a tip/considerable purchase section weekly, let’s say.. on Fridays. Mostly I want to point that these are records I would like to purchase so don’t blame me on these :)

If I find something interesting & urgent I’ll tweet about it as soon as possible. You can follow me via Twitter (mugwumb).

All this because of my passion for music released on vinyl and I want to share this with all of you who are interested. At the same time I want to thank everyone who have already tipped/recommended some records & albums during these couple of years. I try to purchase as much records as I can, but I have to point out that as I’m unemployed now (have been a while), there’s no way that I could purchase all these treasures.. Well, we all know that one can’t always get what one want :)

This week has been very interesting and I have found some beautiful items, some I have purchased, some I can’t afford to buy.. that’s how it goes

THISQUIETARMY – Rebirths LP (Deluxe Version – Limited to 44)
Thisquietarmy & TQA Records / Distro ($20.00 + shipping)
Awesome sounding album filled with drone/post-rock/electronic tunes

Howl Arts Collective ($22.00 CAD + shipping)
Beautiful neo-classical/experimental album

BREAST MASSAGE – Soiled Fantasies LP (limitation of 300)
Infinity Cat Recordings ($15.00 + shipping)
As I have understood, this is record filled with sludge. Interesting named band..

SOLSTAFIR – Ótta + Tilberi – 3xLP (500 copies) pre-order
Season of Mist (€37.99 + shipping)
New one from these Icelandic Post-metal-rockers

VILKACIS – The Fever Of War LP
Dead Section Records (kr90.00 + shipping)
Some bad ass black metal, hope that they have limited color version available..

GEVURAH – Necheshirion LP
Graceless Recordings ($15.00 + shipping)
Black/Death metal, raw sounding (just the way I like my metal)
I try to find this from some EU distro, shipping rates from the states are way too high..

DANIELl BACHMAN – Orange Co. Serenade LP
Bathetic Records ($12.00 + shipping)
This guy knows how to play guitar!

GRUPPO DI IMPROVVISAZIONE NUOVA CONSONANZA – The Feed-back LP+CD (limitation of 500) Repress
Soundohm (€18.90 + shipping)
Repress of this rare and very abstract/jazz/experimental record

JOY MUST REMAIN – Dive In Deep LP (limited to 100 copies)
Dead Wax Records (€16.00 + shipping)
Nice sounding post-punk/new wave album

KIKAGAKU MOYO – Mammatus Clouds (Ltd 150 on mellow yellow vinyl)
Cardinal Fuzz (£14.00 + shipping) Came for sale today 06/27 and is sold out!!
Huge hype around this Japanese band, and for the reason. This is EU version of this upcoming LP, for US customers there is pre-order bundle available from Captcha Records ($32.00 + shipping) Kikagaku Moyo LP & Mammatus Clouds LP

Of course there are millions of records to mention but these came to my mind at this point (I should have a sponsor who would like to buy all these for me, hah hah haaa..).



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