Package came today from RidingEasy Records. Once again I was bit too eager to get this album that I did not read release information through.. I pre-ordered this because I thought that I missed test pressing/die hard versions. Well, actually those came on sale about week later or something :D (same thing happened with my Monolord LPs). Anyways, maybe I just have start collecting every single version of every item RidingEasy is releasing. And about the band, hard -psychedelic-stoner-whatever-rock and sounds good, very good, goes to my this years top list without the doubt. Even though nowadays there are many bands playing this kind of rock, this band stole my heart with they “Light Years Beyond” seven-inch earlier this year. Recommended album!

There are still different colorways available around the globe:

Opaque Red (limited to 100 copies) EasyRider Records
Opaque Teal (limited to 200 copies) EasyRider Records
Clear Purple (limited to 100 copies) Hevisike UK, for £14.99
White (limited to 100 copies) (for example..)

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