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Week 27 – few repress & something else..

Little lazy week behind.. Only one order arrived but sometimes it goes like this. Anyways here’s my list for this week (and yes, there are still millions of records I would like to purchase..), records I have been staring last couple of days..

SHELLAC – Dude Incredible LP (preorder, release date 09/16)
Touch & Go ($21.00 + shipping)
Woah.. New one from Steve Albini, must buy for me!

ALEX COBB – Marigold And Cable LP (ltd 500)
Shelter Press (€16.00 + shipping)
After few delays this is finally available (I preorderd this months ago)

CATACOMBE – Quidam LP (ltd. 200 on blue & 200 on orange vinyl)
BandCamp ($12.00 + shipping)
Post-rock from Portugal, sounds quite nice indeed (if you like this genre)

NEST – Retold LP (preorders placed before 18 of July comes on clear vinyl)
Serein (UK £21.40/EU £24.80/ROW £28.35 -prices include shipping)
This is modern classical or something and I love this one!

LÉ BETRE – Melas LP (ltd. 400)
BandCamp (SEK200.00 + shipping)
Woah!.. Damn good sounding blues rock or whatever from Sweden. Tip came from STB Records, without it I would have missed this awesome release!

NAKED ISLAND – s/t LP (preorder ltd. 300)
Peak Oil Records ($17.00 + shipping)
This has been for preorder a while, little surprise that it’s not gone already..

AL DOBSON JR – Sounds From The Village Vol. 1  LP (ltd. 300)
IZWID Records (£12.99 + shipping) UK / HIT+RUN ($18.99 + shipping) US
Hmm.. weird and beautiful, afrobeat/abstract/funk/soul/whatever.. worth to check out!

MANTAR – Death By Burning LP (ltd. 500 on white / 500 on black vinyl, 1rst press) (€19.95 + shipping, white vinyl)
This is one of those I have skipped few times before. Damn good heavy/sludge metal album seasoned with some black metal influences. There’s also a second press available (700 on black and 300 on bronze vinyl) if some one is interested and bronze copies are available for example from the band, BandCamp

GOAT – Commune LP (preorder ltd. 5000-100000 copies)
Rocket Recordings Different kind of bundles (£32.99-49.99 + shipping)
Sub Pop ($15.00 + shipping) loser edition while supplies last..
Stranded Rekords (from Bengans Record store) Boxset 5×7″ ltd.1000 (SEK 269.00 + shipping) and the most limited version of this album by far, LP with alternative & unique cover art ltd. 200 copies (SEK 219.00 + shipping) I chose these two versions from Stranded Rekords.
I think that there will be few hundred other versions available in the future..

CHELSEA WOLFE – The Crime And The Clow, RE (preorder ltd. 1000) ($19.99 + shipping)
Finally, repress of this Chelsea’s debut album. Now we don’t have to pay those outstanding Discogs/Ebay prices. I think that this will sell out very quickly. Oh, there is also Ἀποκάλυψις available to pre-order, once again.

DEMDIKE STARE – Voices Of Dust / Forest Of Evil / Liberation Through Hearing LP’s (repress)
Colored versions (clear) can be found from Rough Trade for price £17.99
Black ones from (for example) from Red Eye Records for price £15.66
Voices Of Dust (clear / black)
Forest Of Evil (clear / black)
Liberation Through Hearing (clear / black)

Of course if You are interested what I have ordered so far, I suggest You to check the section “ordered items..” from this blog of mine (I try to keep it updated)

week 27


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