My Die Hard version of this awesome record came today, hand-numbered on Silver Mirror Card and limited to 50 copies (sold out, surprisingly). I had to settle for this version because my phone stopped co-operating with me while I was sitting on the train, and when it started working again the most limited version of this album was already sold out (test pressing, hand-numbered on Gold Mirror Card with Slip Mat and limited to 30 copies). Happy that I managed even purchase this beauty. More about this record You can read from my earlier post Electric Citizen: Sateen LP (opaque red).

Opaque Red (limited to 100 copies) EasyRider Records
Opaque Teal (limited to 200 copies) EasyRider Records
Clear Purple (limited to 100 copies) Hevisike UK, for £14.99
White (limited to 100 copies) (for example..)


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