I’m really happy that I managed to grab this one. I missed this album totally when this came for pre-order. I was little disappointed and thought that I have to  purchase this EU version from Ván Records. Suddenly, on the release date these limited color versions were available again from Not Just Religious Music (seems that they kept few copies stored for release date). And about the album itself, it’s dark. Album filled with dark stories and miserable tunes ,I like this kind of music a lot. This is my second full length from this artist and someway or another I have to collect every single release of these darkened nightmares. Limited to 100 copies on red/white (sold out), 200 copies on red, 200 on white and 500 copies on black vinyl, available from Not Just Religious Music. And of course there are clear copies (limitation unknown) available from Ván Records. Awesome trip trough darkness and beyond!

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