terra tenebrosax3

Yesterday evening I picked these precious albums from the local post office. Terra Tenebrosa (one of my favorite Swedish acts, band that rose from the ashes of Breach) and test pressings of their both full length albums: Actually I ordered only approved test pressings of these albums but Maik from Apocaplexy Records had added one extra version to this package (rejected TP of “The Purging”). And I really appreciate this gesture, with all my heart!. It’s not common for me to purchase test pressing but this band has always been too close to my heart so there was no choice but to fill the void in my collection. For those who may not know anything about this band, here are some tunes below:

As far as I know, limitation of these test pressings are following:

The Tunnels 2xLP TP (limited to 10 copies)
The Purging 2xLP TP (limited to 16 copies)
The Purging 2xLP rejected TP (limited to 16 copies)

Regular versions of these albums are available from Apocaplexy Records, there was also limited editions on clear vinyl but those are long gone nowadays. Recommended band & albums!





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