This album came today, latest one from Lawrence English. This is dark one, and I like it. Experimental, drone, dark ambient its Your call. But the point is that the atmosphere on this album is crushing and You can experience that while listening/watching the video below.

Initial copies of this album came on white vinyl. I preordered my copy straight from the artist (ROOM49).. and I’m little disappointed how it was packaged considering the fact that this package came from the other side of the world (Australia). Record was taken out of the cover during the shipping as I asked but package came without any carton stiffeners/bubble wrap and we can guess the result





I know that these are minor damages but using stiffeners these could have been avoided. If you are after this beautiful record and live in EU, I suggest You to pick Your copy from Boomkat, otherwise You can also pick this straight from the artist at ROOM40. Choice is Yours.

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