UPDATED on Sun, 20 July 2014

Well, still haven’t seen a copy of this record and here’s some email correspondence (more like monologue..):

1/15/2014 Order placed through their BandCamp site
1/29/2014 Album released & got a link to mp3 files
4/9/2014 Emailed them wondering the status of my order
4/30/2014 I got an answer:
“Seems you’re one of the unlucky handful of overseas customers that had their package go missing in transit. I’m working on collaging a new LP for you and will get this in the mail to you in the next couple days. Sincere apologies for this and please let me know when the record arrives. I’ll also email you back with tracking once i get it in the mail”
6/10/2014 Emailed them asking the same question..
7/2/2014 Frustrated about this situation and I sent an email (again):
“yep. Another two weeks and it has been 6 months since I paid for this album and yet I haven’t seen a physical copy of it. Nice prize for mp3-files. Thanks.”
7/20/2014 Still silent. Nice to pay $46.00 for mp3-files


This is what I got when pre-ordering Woodsman’s third album with hand-made collage jacket on orange vinyl. Ordered this 01/15/14 and according to Discogs this was released 04/02/14. I tried to contact them via Bandcamp and sent email about my order but no reply, nothing. It’s nice to pay $46.00 for MP3 files..This seems to be their way to operate and I’m not alone with this issue. Just check this discussion board on SlyVinyl.

Well, nothing more to say about this, I lost my money on this but hey, they have money to buy few more beers! Not recommended but if you wanna take a risk, you can easily throw you money away on their BandCamp page. Good luck!

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