As I stated in the header, there’s coming up few beautiful releases in near future. Anyways, here’s my list for this week. Choice is Yours.

AGALLOCH – Serpent & The Sphere 2xLP (ltd. 1000, on translucent burgundy vinyl)
Agalloch Webstore ($25.00 + shipping)
Well, we all know what this band is about, beautiful record..

TUNNEL CHANNEL VOL. 1 – Guardian Alien & The Cosmic Dead LP (colored vinyl)
Instructional Media (£20.00 + shipping)
Hey, it’s The Cosmic Dead, what else do we need?

SET AND SETTING – A Vivid Memory 2xLP (ltd. 200, on colored vinyl)
Sience Of Silence ($25.99 + shipping, exclusive edition)
Post-rock/metal, sounds goooooood..

EARTH – Primitive & Deadly 2xLP (European exclusive, colored)
Southern Lord EU, Earth (their own section on Southern Lord)
There’s coming exclusive color for EU customers within a week or so..

O’DEATH – Out Of Hands We Go LP (preorders comes with exclusive print)
Northern Spy Records ($16.99 + shipping)
Some kind of folk/country/alternative/rock and and I love this band!!

SOFT WALLS – No Time LP (ltd. 200)
Faux Discx (£14.00 + shipping)
Nice one, got tipped about this one. Nice (psychedelic)drive on these album

Miasmah & Sonic Pieces
This is coming.. next week it will be time for some dark, droned ambient!

BAT MANORS – Literally Weird LP (ltd. 300, colored)
BandCamp ($15.00 + shipping)
Nice sounding folk/pop/whatever, but sounds lovely

SHROUD OF THE HERETIC – Revelations In Alchemy LP (ltd. 300)
BandCamp (€15.00 + shipping)
Doomed Death metal.. creepy!

ENABLER – La Fin Absolue Du Monde LP (ltd. 500, two color options 250/250)
Band’s Big Cartel site (€15.00 + shipping)
Crust/metal/hc/punk with awesome energy!! This has been available for a while now but surely worth to check out!

PYE CORNER AUDIO & NOT WAVING – Intercepts LP (on grey vinyl)
Boomkat (£12.99 + shipping)
Hey, it’s Pye Corner Audio :)

Few of these have been already mentioned on SlyVinyl blog etc. but anyways, these are interesting items I have found this week and surely I will update this post later today if I  find something else interesting.. yep.



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