Yes, it’s here. The second album from Mirel Wagner and this time released by SubPop. Debut was released by Svart Records / Bone Voyage Recording Company few years ago and that one is still on my wantlist. About this record, fragile and dark, very dark little tales accompanied mostly with acoustic guitar. Somehow her stories reminds me of another Finnish artist, Joose Keskitalo (they have this split seven-inch released few years ago) and they both have this strange way to see this world around us. This is SubPop’s loser edition on white vinyl and no information about limitation and seems that it’s sold out now. But don’t worry, you can still purchase that regular one from SubPop’s webstore or any good record store around the globe. Recommended one.

And I really love these awesome mailers SubPop is using.


I put here some official videos from both of her albums, just that you understand how good these albums are (oh, and I must add also some track from Joose Keskitalo’s discography).

And some dark one from Joose Keskitalo. He’s singing about five beautiful girls and how he’s putting together one from the pieces of these five other.. creepy

“…The remaining three I buried in the churchyard with my both hands but I rescued the breasts, legs, and one pair of gentle face…”

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