Well, this list is quite short this time. Nearly all these items are available via BandCamp. I like BandCamp. Of course there have been other awesome releases available during this week but those are long gone now.. and I missed all those because of various reasons; slow internet connection, trying to purchase items via phone in the middle of the forest etc…

HANNA TUULIKKI – Spinning-In-Stereo LP (ltd. 250 copies)
BandCamp (£15.00 + shipping)
This is something different, record with two voices & two tracks.. spinning..

BandCamp ($15.00 + shipping)
I really dig this one, doomed desperation

THE WOODEN WOLF – Nocturnes & Other Songs Op.2
BandCamp (€10.00 + shipping)
Beautiful indie/folk record..

THE MURLOCS – Loopholes LP
BandCamp (AUD $25.00 + shipping)
Blues rock.. I had to put this here because I really like this one even though it’s one of the best-selling vinyl on Discogs at this moment :D

LOREN CONNORS – Portrait Of A Soul 2×10″
BandCamp (€18.00 + shipping)
Experimental and damn good sounding ambient/whatever album. When following right people on Twitter, you may find treasures like this!!

ARVE HENRIKSEN – The Nature Of Connections LP (litd. 100 on white vinyl)
Rune Grammofon (NOK 199.00 + shipping)
Winner of this week!! Thanks to retter (@eretter) who tweeted about this one. Pure beauty and I had to struggle with myself even letting anyone else to know about this treasure. Little expensive though (if I calculated right, this would cost me nearly €40 with shipping).. but hey, there is regular black version also available with little cheaper price.

That’s all for now. Thanks to everyone who bother to read this blog of mine.

week 33


One thought on “week 33 – mostly some records you can purchase via BandCamp..

  1. Thank you so much, Mr.
    I immediatly purchased Nature of Connections white vinyl, even if the price is a bit high. But the music is awesome
    BIG UP Man!

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