Got this beauty from RidingEasy Records today. Even thought there are dozens and dozens bands sounding 70s era sabbath/heavy/doom/sludge/psychedelic/occult/rock, this sounds.. hmm different (read fresh). There’s something magical on this record and you can’t ignore the fact that these two guys live thousands of miles away from each other (one in Norway, other in India). Main point here is that they share the same vision when it comes to music and this record is awesome proof of that vision. And then we have to thank RidingEasy Records for releasing this on vinyl! This is limited to 50 pieces on clear, 75 pieces on orange, 100 on grey, 125 on black vinyl and so on.. (there are red copies and European exclusive purple also available). Oh, RidingEasy still has these clear one available.. if you are interested. Recommended album, pure gold!

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