Let’s make this short. Here are records I have found interesting during this week, remember that this is just my list and choice is Yours :)

Paradise of Bachelors $18.00 + shipping
Experimental, folk (banjo included..)

DEATH TOLL 80K – Harsh Realities LP (ltd. 300 copies,mixed/marbled vinyl)
Give Praise Records $13.00 + shipping
Had to put this here because this Finnish band has this magical “grindcore touch” and this is US version, I already have this EURO one..

ROB MAZUREK AND BLACK CUBE SP – Return the Tides: Ascension Suite and Holy Ghost 2xLP
Guneiform Records $34.00 + shipping
What can I say, sounds so weird that I love it. Experimental, jazz/whatever

OLD TESTAMENT – s/t LP (colored vinyl)
Cardinal Fuzz £13.00 + shipping
Wow! Everything this record company is releasing is pure gold

THE MYRRORS – Solar Collector LP (ltd. 350 copies)
Cardinal Fuzz £12.00 + shipping
More beautiful release from this awesome r-company

LOLA COLT – Away From The Water LP (deluxe edition)
Fuzz Club Records £25.00 + shipping
Yes, yes I know. Little expensive but so what? Fuzzed psychedelia..

BLACK THREAD – Silver Veil 7″ (5″ lathe cut)
Sifting Through Shards $7.00 + shipping
Weird one, but still I already ordered this one. Experimental tape loops or something..

THISQUIETARMY & SYNDROME – Mukha 10″ (ltd. 100 copies on white vinyl)
Consouling Sounds €15.00 + shipping
For me this is must have.. Hey, it’s Thisquietarmy!

DINO SPILUTTINI & NILS QUAK – Modular Anxiety LP (gold Vinyl)
ThrillJockey $17.00 + shipping
Droned abstract ambient or something.. lovely indeed

CARTOGRAFIA DEL RUIDO -s/t LP (ltd. 300 copies)
BandCamp €15.00 + shipping
Something completely different, experimental & instrumental



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