This came yesterday. Actually I do not know anything about this band but when hearing this album via BandCamp the decision was clear, I had to purchase this. This is so-called post rock album seasoned with experimental touch. I like this record and as I’m now on the train heading to work, this is more than a good soundtrack for this calm and dark morning. This limited edition (hand-numbered etc.) has a pressing of 111 copies and is still available via Strandflat’s BandCamp site. Recommended one if You are on post-something!


One thought on “Seilman Bellinsky: s/t 2xLP (black)

  1. Hi there ! Hi Mugwumb ! Just to let you know that the 111 copies available by Strandflat are an hand-numbered exclusive edition. LP sleeve is similar to the standard release, but this edition comes with a supplementary 3-fold cover, a bonus insert and a gold or red wax stamp figuring the label logo on the front cover. “Standard edition” can though be purchased through our website here : Thanks for your kind words anyway. Cheers ! Jo for SB.

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