Latest addition to my collection. Third full-length from this sludge/stoner group (second one I own). Well, I did not get this from Brutal Panda just because I missed that pre-order thing totally, I bought this from Profound Lore last week. The catch was that they got copies with damaged covers (some minor corner issues) and because of that it was not that expensive. I might have to buy another (regular) copy of this album just to get pristine replacement cover (hahahaaa..). Anyways, I like this band (a lot!) and that’s why I purchased this album, simple as that. This color variation is limited to 100 copies and as sad as it is, this variation is sold out. But hey! For white (250 copies) or black (500 copies) version of this album, head straight to Brutal Panda or if You fancy this red/white split (150 copies) version and don’t mind some damages on the cover, Profound Lore has those. Lovely album indeed!



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