Hard week for record hoarder like I am. Actually I do not have that much time nowadays to follow every awesome records available or something but I try, I honestly try, These are records I would certainly consider to purchase..

SYLVIE SIMMONS – Sylvie LP (ltd. 100 copies on turquoise on vinyl)
Light In The Attic $17.00 + shipping
Beautiful album, calm and peaceful..

PHILIP GLASS – Candyman OST LP (various versions)
One Way Static Records $20.00 – 25.00 + shipping
Soundtrack for one of the weirdest films I’ve seen. There are two numbered colorways available and of course regular black copies. Oh, there was this honey colored version too on Clive Barker’s site available (ltd. 100 copies) but that’s gone..

DNMF – s/t LP (ltd. 200)
Moving Furniture Records €12.00 + shipping
Experimental stuff.. very experimental indeed!

GEEZER – Gage LP (various versions)
STB Records $21.99 – 60.00 + shipping (available like, now!)
Bluesy stoner and sounds quite good!

DEAD NEANDERTHALS – Prime LP (White or black vinyl ltd. 200 copies)
BandCamp €12.00 + shipping
Experimental & extreme jazz.. scary stuff

L’ IRA DEL BACCANO – Terra 42 2xLP/ (various colors )
BandCamp €25.00 – 30.00 + shipping
Psychedelic-space-prog-post something and sounds great!!

RidingEasy Records $18.99 – 39.99 + shipping
Strange that the “Die Hard” version is not yet sold out. Great sounding bluesy stoner or something..

BLACK MOTH – Condemned LP (ltd. 500 copies)
Cargo Records £15.99 + shipping
Hey, I already love this record even though I don’t even own it!

That’s all for now…



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